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Base2 Social Responsibility

Here at Base 2, we're all about culture. We love what we do, and we love to celebrate as a team, but we do more than just
create and chill. There's a deep desire amongst the team to reach out and help where we can – to give back and share the love.
We get involved and take action, not for recognition, but because we genuinely care.

Here are 3 causes getting maximum attention right now, as we seek to turn Madiba Day into Madiba Month.

2014 Organisations Supported

As an agency, part of our job is to identify people's needs, and meet them. This doesn't only happen when we deal with clients – we are constantly on the lookout for ways to help others, be it with financial, material or voluntary assistance. Some of the projects we are involved in stem from the staff themselves, reflecting our genuine compassion.

Some of the organisations we have already helped during 2014 are:

Other initiatives that we will be supporting this year include: