Campaign for change

We needed to

Change the perception of Tabasco from being a ‘hot sauce’ to a condiment that enhances flavour – that changes food. But it’s not only about changing perceptions. It’s also about moving bottles off the shelf.

We did

We know that cultivating a competitive spirit is the very best way to drive interaction online, which is why we created a campaign that spark and maintain interest.

The idea: Two candidates – Red and Green Tabasco. One mission – to change food forever in SA. And the only thing standing between them is a vote.

For 6 weeks, Red and Green focused on what foods they can change forever and sparked heated debates among fans, trying to convince Facebookers why they deserved their vote – and they did anything to get it – short of buying it.

There was a pay-off. People who voted, spread the word and shared on Facebook and Twitter stood to win a whole gallon of Tabasco.

We achieved

We integrated political and pop culture figures in our creative and leveraged off newsworthy events to keep the Campaign For Change relevant and shareable. We also implemented a Food24 sponsorship to build awareness. Social influencers also created the necessary talk-ability to develop and grow the brand's following on Facebook and Twitter. And for their troubles and vote, they got a personalised Tabasco bottle.