Smartphone Challenge

Samsung’s smartphone market share went up to 65% from January 2011’s 45% and the Facebook page grew to 9 410 likes

We needed to

Samsung wanted to become the leaders in the Android/ smartphone space, grow their share from 4% to 25% in the smartphone category and penetrate the Android market. We were tasked to position and differentiate Samsung’s Android Smartphone from competitors.

We did

We devised a strategy to engage fans to partake in our project to test their knowledge of their own smartphones and to educate them on the functionalities and capabilities of Samsung Smart Phones through the use of Android.

We essentially started an open discussion forum between Apple, Blackberry and the ‘underdog’ (Android) users by provoking them with certain questions.

We also created a quiz game using the lateral imagery of an apple, a blackberry and a jellybean, where users pick their preferred device and then have to answer four quick questions ranging from smartphone functionalities/usability, IQ questions and general trivia questions to keep it fun and interactive.