Russell Hobbs

Moments in the making

From digital to TV and everything else

We needed to

At Base2 we have always considered ourselves a strategic agency that just happens to specialise in digital. We strive to become our clients' trusted advisors and ensure that what keeps them up at night, keeps us up at night. At the end of the day, TV, radio, print, digital banners, etc. are all just outputs. What is important is that there is a solid strategy in place that can be implemented and is measurable.

We needed to craft a campaign that started from the inside out versus starting with the TVC. As a digital agency we always have to consider how the ATL activities are going to create awareness about the campaign and drive people online or at least drive the behaviour we desire from our customers. So that's exactly what we did.

We did

The Russell Hobbs Moments in the Making campaign focuses on all the "moments" in our daily lives that Russell Hobbs products enable us to enjoy.

We devised a specific user journey that, irrespective of which ad the consumer sees on which platform, ultimately points to the Russell Hobbs website.

We started by crafting a creative construct and concept that would work across all the different customer touch-points but be flexible enough to evolve with the different calls-to-action that were required. This creative concept, "Russell Hobbs Moments in the Making", would be translated across all the relevant mediums, starting with the Russell Hobbs website.

We kept the website very simple and clean and ensured that the key calls-to-action were always only a click away. We also made sure that the user-experience was seamless whether the user would experience the website on a laptop or mobile device. By doing this and designing the website responsively we could use one URL across all of our communications:

The campaign consists of a TVC, radio, radio competition, social media, digital media, print, mall activations and the use of strategically selected bloggers. From the creative executions below you will see the seamless golden thread across all the different campaign elements:

We have also ensured that, from a reporting and analytics perspective, we are able to track the performance of all the different media elements. By monitoring elements like daily search queries, daily banner clicks and daily unique visitors we are truly able to analyse what the most effective media mix is to drive certain behaviours.

We achieved

We look forward to seeing how the campaign performs and we would love to hear your thoughts about the campaign. Not bad for a digital agency? #Digital2TV