Celebrate Defender


We needed to

Jaguar Land Rover is a brand that has given us a chance to make some pretty awesome stuff happen and we’ve gone on an unbelievable adventure with the clients and partner agencies who have brought their digital needs to our little colony. One of the highlights is the recent “Celebrate Defender” campaign, which gave us the chance to send the Land Rover Defender a digital high five that was heard across the world.

The brief was simple – create a fitting tribute to the iconic Land Rover Defender. But how do you get adventure addicts out of the wild and onto the Internet? And how do you capture that almost indefinable character that is a trademark of these cars and their drivers?

We did

Celebratedefender.com, a campaign we conceptualised, designed and built (with the dev ninjas from Applogix) gave us a chance to push the limits of integration and collaboration even further.

We started by creating a social media strategy that targeted our reluctant audience directly. We broke the campaign down into four distinct micro-campaigns, one per week, and went about designing content created to appeal to them. We ended up crafting 83 pieces of highly-targeted, super-engaging content, and used them as tactical engagement weapons to build momentum.

These social showcases, together with a massive ATL campaign, drove (pun intended) the curious masses to an immersive content experience called Celebrate Defender. This platform gave users the chance to explore epic tales about the car and its capabilities, and to share their own stories.

We achieved

The emails and feedback we’ve received thus far confirm that this was not just an exercise in digital brand affiliation, but rather a chance to explore memories and the machines that helped make them. After more than 800 000 engagements and some pretty spectacular submissions, it’s clear the site has taken on a role of importance in peoples’ lives.

We’re really pleased that our colony of oddballs has learnt how to play this well with others, and look forward to making more meaningful digital experiences for the click-hungry hordes.